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Unique adventures in Piemonte

There are so many gems to discover in Piemonte! One of which is the sacred valley of Valchiusella, where we here at BikeiUsella are located, only 40 minutes away from the infamous city of Turin.

Within this particular valley there are endless adventures to be had, whether you are interested in biking or hiking, or visiting the medieval treasures that can transport you back in time, there really is something for everyone at any fitness level. Here you will find many trails along the winding rivers to bike or walk along or more advanced trails trekking all the way up to the sky-high refuges among the Italian alps. There are so many unique and magical places to explore such as medieval castles, churches and museums that you can be entertained for weeks!

After all the adventures have worn you out, perhaps you’ll want to take some quiet time for yourself at one of the incredible spas in the Aosta Valley where you can relax and rejuvenate your body and your mind!

Here are a few ideas to get your exploration appetite salivating!


Magical City

Turin itself is a magical city connected to Esoteric history that can be explored by foot, by bike or by bus! There are countless castles, churches and museums to visit, one of the most highly noted museums is the Egyptian Museum, ( which is the second largest in the world, second only to Cairo. If you have some time to immerse yourself in the history of Egypt, the newly renovated 5 floor museum, it really cannot be missed!

For something a little different, there are some very intriguing, guided tours that operate at night time and also tours that seem to travel back through time, taking you underground the city to explore hidden medieval tunnels and chambers. (

One of Europe’s most beautiful medieval abbeys, called Sacra di San Michele can be explored at Mt. Pirchiriano near Torino. This breathtaking abbey is known worldwide for inspiring the film The Name of the Rose, which stars Sean Connery. It is an absolutely stunning place if want to go on an adventure and feel what life was really like during medieval times.

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Discover one of Turin’s highlight landmarks during the Turin Royal Palace Tour with Holy Shroud Chapel, Armoury & Gardens. You can get priority entry, and you’ll head straight inside the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn about the Savoy royalty who once inhabited the palace, see the Royal Armory and Library, explore the Gardens, and even stop by the Turin Cathedral.
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The National Cinema museum is also must for all lovers of film, it is a one-of-a-kind experience that you will not find anywhere else on earth! It is located inside Turin’s most recognizable landmark, the Mole Antonelliana which dates back to 1889. This soaring tower, with its pyramidal dome and 551-foot (168-meter) spire rises above the Turin skyline, and its viewing platform offers the most stunning views of the entire city.

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Valchiusella, the Sacred Valley


Not far away from Turin lies the infamous, eco-spiritual community called Damanhur. This community was founded in 1975 by Oberto Auraudi and has been thriving ever since. It has over 600 citizens and its principals are based on solidarity, positive thought and action, and setting an example for all of humanity. The Damanhurian people have constructed a phenomenal underground Temple entirely by hand, which was kept secret until 1992. The Temples of Humankind are an inspiring opera of art and undeniably one of a kind. There are eight unique halls, which are dedicated to the past, the present and the future and must really be seen to be believed. The community is open to visitors and offers tours of the hidden, underground Temples of Humankind daily.

If you are looking for something fascinating and unique to do, this is the one thing you must not miss!

Outdoor Adventures

Perhaps you want a real adventure and are ready to get out in nature where the air is pure and you can hear the silence. There are many national parks nearby where you can get your hike on, such as Gran Paradiso, Pian delle Nere and a true favorite, Fondo, near Traversella. Stepping over the famous Roman bridge in Fondo is like stepping back 800 years in time, which is exactly when this tiny village was originally constructed. A beautiful, riverside village with a winding pathway to hike all the way along the river high up into the alps. Exploring this area will definitely transport you back in time to a way of life that is long gone except for in these magical little pockets of paradise.


If you want a little help in planning and organizing your adventure, or just some local knowledge and information about the Valchiusella region contact us here at BikeiUsella as we offer E-bike rentals, and adventures, hiking and camping adventures as well as gear rental, and drop off and pick-up services! We will be thrilled to share our love of adventure with you and assist you in getting the experience that you deserve.

Aosta Valley

Day Spa

If a day to relax and rejuvenate is what you’re looking for, the natural Terme’s in this area will surely satisfy your every desire. Along the Aosta valley there are two to mention that are each very special in their own right. If you want to spend a whole day, The Terme Pre-Saint Didier will not disappoint as they offer a wide variety of services and so many pools and areas of well-being that you could spend a whole week enjoying them all.


Then there is also QC Terme Monte Bianco, if you want a little more privacy. This spa has everything the larger one, Pre- Saint Didier does, however it holds a much smaller entrance capacity so you have more room to yourself.

Hiking and Camping

Pretty much anywhere that you are in the region of Piemonte, you can easily have access to endless trails for trekking adventures. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced hiker, there is something for everyone. It is even possible to reach some extremely high peaks in a single day. If you are near Turin or in Valchiusella, here at BikeiUsella we will be more than happy to help you plan and organize your trekking or camping adventure, either with a guide or on your own!

If you want to explore other areas, here are a few sites to check out and see what is available in Piemonte!


Turin (also known as Turin-Caselle) isn’t the first airport you think of when you’re planning your ski holiday in the Alps, but this airport in Piemonte is actually within reach of some of the best ski resorts in Italy, France and even Switzerland. What’s more, the ski resorts near Turin Airport generally boast high-altitude slopes with stunning mountain views and no crowds, making it a fantastic skiing destination no matter what your level. Turin itself is a lovely city worth spending a day or two in, and of course the mouth-watering Italian cuisine doesn’t hurt either! On a good day, all of these ski areas are less than a 2-hour drive from Turin Airport. Here in Piemonte we are extremely fortunate to have a number of stunning valleys to choose from if we want to go skiing or snowboarding. The closest ones to us here in Valchiusella are:

Monte Rosa

Under the impressive heights of the Monte Rosa (4034m) lies the Monte Rosa ski area, three valleys of world-class, high-altitude skiing with 190km of slopes and magnificent views of Piemonte and the Aosta Valley. The best-known villages here are Champoluc and Gressoney, although neither of them have been invaded by the masses yet. In fact, despite the high quality of the slopes and the modern infrastructure, the resorts here have managed to maintain their quiet charm. The Monte Rosa ski area is situated in the Aosta Valley, which is home to some 25 ski areas including Breuil-Cervinia, Courmayeur, La Thuile-La Rosière and the resorts of Monte Rosa Ski. With the Aosta Valley ski pass you have access to all of them.


On the Italian side of Mont Blanc lies Courmayeur, a sunny ski area with around 100km of slopes. Courmayeur is known for its long ski days and relatively steep slopes, which are great for intermediate skiers looking to build their confidence. While the majority of the marked pistes are blue and red, there is great off-piste to be found at the Cresta d’Arp. On the other side of the ski area in the Val Veny area, you’ll find tree-lined runs with spectacular views of Mont Blanc. Courmayeur has a dynamic village centre with a good selection of shops and restaurants.

For more info on where to ski:

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