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We are thrilled to be able to offer our patrons a lift!

Our chaufer service is use to support not only our adventurous experiences, but also for groups who need a ride or have special needs.

Our van can seat a maximum of 8 people including the driver and it has a mechanized ramp in the rear to elevate our passengers with diverse physical abilities.

HALF Day Trip

4 hours (min 4, max 7 guests) 280 Eu including picnic (cheese, crackers, olives, fruit, wine) or 250 Eu without snacks.


Ancient, 800 year old village along the river with spectacular walking paths.

½ hour Drive from Damanhur

Fondo: Photo Credit – Trip Advisor

Piane della nere:

Breathtaking picnic spot and hiking trails in the Italian Alps.

½ hour drive from Damanhur

Piane Della Nere: Photo Credit – Trip Advisor

Lake Viverone:

Pristine lake with enchanting restaurants or the possibility for lounging poolside after lunch.

40min drive from Damanhur

Lake Viverone: Photo Credit – Trip Advisor

Wine tours

Tenuta Roletto – Erbaluce:

20 min drive from Damanhur

Tenuta Roletto: Photo Credit – Travel Advisor

Luca Leggero Winery:

50 Min drive from Damanhur

Duration: 2 hours, extra cost of 20 Eu per person for entry including cantina visit, guided degustation of 5 wines, cheese and salami plate.

Terre del Creario Vineyard

25 min drive from Damanhur, in Canavese

Duration 2 hours wine tour, extra cost of 25 Eu per person for entry, including guided visit of the cantina, degustation of 3 wines, 3 traditional local dishes.

Veneria Reale

Famous Gardens and Palace near Torino

Veneria Reale: Photo Credit – Travel Advisor
*reservations necessary

Tutto in una Reggia- 20 Eu extra per person
The Tutto in una Reggia ticket is available for purchase from 29 March 2024 with the opening of the Capodimonte from Reggia to Museum exhibition. The ticket allows you to visit the Palace, the current exhibitions and the Gardens.
The total duration of the route is approximately 3 hours. The Palace is open from Tuesday to Friday from 9.30am to 5pm. Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 9.30am to 6.30pm.

Sacra di San Michele: 

A journey through history, between faith, art and nature!

1.5-hour drive from Damanhur, visit duration 45 min, minimum, extra cost of ticket price 8 Eu per person.

Sacra di San Michele: Photo Credit – Travel Advisor

The ticket can be purchased on site or online. Reservation is not required.
INDIVIDUAL ENTRANCE: The entrance ticket allows you to visit the abbey independently. The visit itinerary includes the Staircase of the Dead, the Portal of the Zodiac, the Church with its paintings, the panoramic terrace and the Ruins of the New Monastery. Along the route there are QR codes with explanatory videos.

FULL day trip

(8 hours – 9:30-5:30) – 420 Eu (Pick up or drop off from Damanhur)

Torino Center

110 Eu (Pick up or drop off from Damanhur)

Caselle Torino Airport

80 Eu (Pick up or drop off from Damanhur)

Malpensa Milan Airport

200 Eu (Pick up or drop off from Damanhur)