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Biking Experiences

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We are thrilled to be able to offer you adventures for any level of rider. You may wish to go off-road, down-hill or perhaps a scenic leisurely stroll is more what you’re looking for. We have something for everyone. Of course, if you would like to have all three experiences in one day, or want a program tailored specifically for yourself or your group, we are certainly able to accommodate you as well.

Below you will find some examples of our adventures to choose from.

3-HOUR RIVER TRAIL ADVENTURE AND PICNIC – experience level: easy

Cost: 70 Euro/pp Min: 3 People OR 120 Euro for 1 Person

If you want to meander along the river, this is the experience for you. We will cruise from Vidracco down towards the river and follow the path for about 45 mins to a nice spot where we can have a little picnic and even a swim to freshen up if you so desire! Then we will head back to Vidracco after a relaxing and refreshing adventure.

Photo credit: Napea – Vistrorio Pools

HALF DAY WINERY TOUR AND LUNCH – experience level: easy to moderate

Cost: 90 Euro/pp Min: 3 People OR 150 Euro for 1 Person

If biking and drinking wine sounds like a good idea to you, then this adventure is calling your name! Not too much wine of course but a nice mix of road and trail riding, leading us to a beautiful winery where we can relax and eat a mouth-watering Italian meal and sample some of the delicious, local wine before heading back home.

Photo credit: – Rolling green hills

HALF DAY (4-5 hr) FONDO TOUR AND LUNCH – experience level: moderate

Cost: 90 Euro/pp Min: 3 People OR 150 Euro for 1 Person

This adventure will take us from Vidracco all the way up to Fondo, the heart of the Sacred Valley. The terrain is mostly trail riding with some good climbing to be done but the reward of arriving at the ancient village of Fondo and walking over the 800-year-old Roman bridge will make it all worthwhile. We can bring our own picnic lunch to eat down by the river or have the locals feed us some traditional Piemonte cuisine at the small restaurant/bar in the tiny village. The cruise back down to Vidracco can be a nice and quick descent by road or head back where we came from on the trail for an extra dose of climb and descent. 

Photo Credit: Turismo Torino – Official Website – 800 Year old stone bridge

FULL DAY EXPLORATION – Pian delle Nere, climb and descent – experience level: advanced

Cost: 100 Euro/pp Min: 3 People OR 170 Euro for 1 Person

If you want to get as high up as possible in the Italian alps, and don’t mind working a little to get there, this is the adventure for you. Heading up mostly by road, we will arrive at the top and have some time to relax and have a much-needed lunchbreak while enjoying the breathtaking views of the rolling hills and valleys that sprawl as far as the eye can see.

The ride back down will certainly be worth the work we’ve put in, with a mix of road riding and trail descent, you’ll be back down in the village before you know it!

Van drop-off at the top is also available if you’re feeling the need for speed and only want the highs of the view and the swift descent.

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