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About Us

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I am a Canadian who, thanks to my passion for travel and adventure, came to the stunning region of Piemonte looking for something special. I have always loved exploring new places, especially off the beaten track, travelling through Costa Rica, Peru and even the Outback of Australia! I eventually decided to settle permanently here in Valchiusella, where the rolling hills and winding rivers meet the stunning Italian alps. This magical territory has inspired me to look deeper and connect even more with nature in a truly wild and unspoiled part of the world.

There are so many reasons why I decided to create an eco-tourism business here in this sacred valley, but the most important one is my love for sharing the hidden treasures that Valchiusella has to offer. Part of me would love to just keep them only for myself of course, however there is nothing quite like seeing the smiles on the faces of my friends when I take them on a journey to reveal yet another magnificent lookout or historical wonder that they would never have found on their own. There are so many gems that are just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

Therefore I decided to take my love of exploring and desire for wanting to share these special places with others and turn it into the passion project that is BikeUsella! Biking, Hiking and camping in Valchiusella and beyond. I hope to share some of the secrets of this valley also with you! Come and explore with us!