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There are so many magical mountains to explore, which one will you choose?

We have options for every level of hiker to choose from. We can start at the bottom of the valley and hike our way up to the peaks, or drive up and explore the alpine by foot for a few hours before the van picks us up to head back down. The possibilities are endless!

Here are a few planned adventures and of course, if you have a specific spot you want to explore, just let us know and our expert guides will be happy to show you around.

2 – hour Monti Pelati – experience level: easy

Cost: 25 Euro/pp Min: 3 People OR 45 Euro for 1 Person

We will start at the base of the trail head in Baldissero and end up some kilometers away in Vidracco, stopping along the way to check out the 600-year-old tower called Torre Cives, an ancient look out point with fascinating history. We can choose to walk our way back to the trail head at the base, or get picked up on the other side!


4-hour Fondo exploration – experience level: moderate

Cost: 40 Euro/pp Min: 3 People OR 75 Euro for 1 Person

Driving through the winding roads and crossing many old bridges to arrive at Fondo is an adventure all on its own. It takes about 25 mins by car from Vidracco but arriving at this tiny, ancient village is definitely worth it! We will have some time here to hike up into the alps so that we can really feel the fresh air in our lungs. The trail meanders along the river and up through villages that have existed for more than a thousand years. We can take our own picnic with us or choose to have the locals feed us some delicious, traditional Piemonte fair at the little restaurant/bar in Fondo, when we come back down after trekking up as high as we want to go!

5-hour Pian delle Nere adventure – experience level: moderate

Cost: 50 Euro/pp Min: 3 People OR 125 Euro for 1 Person

Pian delle Nere offers some splendid views of the valleys below and trekking up here can be fairly easy or a little more challenging. There are many trails to choose from or we can walk up the tiny winding road to the massive, white quartz rock and take a break. Either way good hiking shoes are needed! There is a trail that is mostly accessible during the summer, unless you are extremely well equipped, which takes us up to one of the refuges which is more suited to the advanced level hiker. During the month of May is the most popular time of year to explore this area as the tiny daffodils called ‘narcissi’ are in full bloom, which happens for only a few weeks, once a year.

Narcissi Daffodils

All day Gran Paradiso adventure – experience level: advanced

Cost: 80 Euro/pp Min: 3 People OR 170 Euro for 1 Person

If you are a reasonably advanced hiker and wish to get up into the alpine, this is the experience for you! The drive from Vidracco is about an hour so we will set out early and arrive at the base of the trail head, where the towering, Hydroelectric Damn of the Telessio power station awaits us. We will traverse a steep slope heading up higher and higher until we finally reach the refuge called ‘Rifugio Pontese ’ where we can stop for some lunch and take in the magnificent views of the lake and the mountain peaks. From there the world is our oyster and we can walk around the breathtaking landscape of the alpine where our local guide points out all the marvels of the flora and fauna before heading back down to base and if we are lucky, we might even see some mountain goats on our way! Of course, it is also possible to spend a night or more at the refuge or set up your tent if you have some time to play! We can offer gear rental and van drop-off and pickup services if you are keen to head out and explore on your own.

Please contact us for group pricing!